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Do the honourable thing and step down, Mr Vavi

At the time of writing Zwelinzima Vavi is still general secretary of Cosatu, the country’s largest trade union federation and powerful ally to the governing ANC. He is reportedly scheduled to appear before some form of Cosatu internal process today to answer to charges of sexual harassment in the workplace and other additional charges are being lined up. Before the news broke, he laboured for months to publicly portray himself as the target of various political conspiracies and now, after the story went public, he maintains that what happened was an act of sexual infidelity between two consenting adults for which he is sorry.

However, from what he as admitted to so far, there is a strong prima facie case against him. Continue reading

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She said NO

I told @Akona1 that the bravery she showed in sharing her story of being raped made me brave. She asked why and I’m not sure I explained adequately enough so let me try again. Continue reading

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